Advocates of common sense.

At Slean, we come up with simple solutions to accelerate work flexinility and help companies become Lean organisations, without compromising people and the environment.

A good - made in France - supply chain

Made in France, off course

We are proud to be French. In France there are companies with generations of woodworking and metalworking knowledge and skills.

By choosing Made in France and supporting local craftsmanship, we want to align our actions with our convictions.

We work with 3 different French companies located in Normandy, Deux-Sèvres and Maine and Loire.

Your desk won’t travel around the world to arrive at your home or workplace.

Being eco-friendly, a conviction

Working in France also means making sure to apply some of the world’s most strict ecological and social regulations and thereby guaranteeing to do as less harm as possible to the planet and humankind.

 The beech wood from the Vosges comes from a sustainable forest (PEFC)

The used treatments and coatings are all eco-friendly with A+ ratings (very low emissions)

Our products are made to last, and  come with a lifetime guarantee.


All our furniture can be disassembled and parts can be replaced when something is broken.

We want to create a circular model by  

buying back your products and giving them a second life.